Metal beats plastic at keeping people out

On 6th October last year we planted young native trees on the slope at the south end of the dog off-leash area. This used to be a favourite toboggan run, but was not suitable because it crossed the path. In order to stop tobogganing, parks staff put up plastic barriers and two signs. The barriers were unfastened and pushed aside not long after. One of the signs that had been hanging on the fence was removed.

Parks staff then added metal barriers in front of the lower plastic fence, firmly attached at both ends:

You can see the blue and yellow of my umbrella at the right hand edge of this photo, so it must have been raining that day. As of my last trip through the ravine on 11th February, I am pleased to report that the metal barriers have worked. There are footsteps up the slope, but no toboggan run.

This is the first of two pre-ice storm postings that I had “saved up” before the ice storm hit.

John Cummings