Clearance begins in Cedarvale

Remember this photo?

Well, this is how it looks now:

It is the TTC access near Ava Rd. This photo was taken on Friday 24th January 2014. Clearance has begun at both north and south ends of the ravine: both here and at the St Clair West subway entrance. Trees have been cleared and brush piled up ready for removal.

Parks staff have put up notices closing the trail along the northeast edge of the park behind Strathearn:

However, people have been using this trail for a month since the ice storm, despite the unsafe conditions, and will no doubt continue to do so. In fact about half the trail has already been cleared:

Some trees have been so badly damaged that they need to be removed.  Remember this picture?

This is how it looks now:

At the subway entrance end, contractors were just beginning clearance last Friday.

Their truck was parked nearby:

They work for Ontario Line Clearance. As I passed through the ravine today (Monday 27th Jan), no further clearance was under way. A great deal more remains to be done. The worst affected area is the path down from the Humewood Rd entrance. It looks impassable, but people have established a well marked path through the fallen branches. No doubt parks and contractor crews will have the chain saws at work on this and the main trail through the ravine in the days ahead.

John Cummings