Ice storm hits Cedarvale hard

This was my first view of Cedarvale at the Humewood entrance on 22nd December, the day after the ice storm hit Toronto. I could barely make my way down through fallen trees to the bench at the bottom.

After battling the power outage for three days, I made an eerie night visit  to the lower ravine on Christmas Day, with my wife and daughter.

On Boxing Day, I returned with my wife and was finally able to survey the damage from one end to the other. The photo below was taken looking north from the Glencedar footbridge.

Just south of the tennis courts, this tree has been turned into a “T”.

The bench near the Ava Rd entrance is completely surrounded by fallen limbs.

This is me below the Glencedar footbridge:

This is my wife about to negotiate the worst blockage between the footbridge and the Bathurst St bridge:

The heavy foot traffic through the ravine was demonstrated by the fact that already a clear “desire path” had been established around all the obstacles. There were many of these.

And then another!

These are all between the footbridge and Bathurst St bridge.

With the amount of debris in the streets, I suspect it will be weeks, if not months, before the parks department tackles all these fallen trees. Meanwhile, it makes a stroll through the ravine that much more of an adventure!

John Cummings