Second snowstorm hits Cedarvale

I grabbed my camera and hastened up to the ravine on Wednesday 27th November, to capture the effects of a second snowstorm before they disappeared (which they soon did).

Heavily laden deciduous trees contrasted with the darker conifers, with a background of blue sky in the distance.

What I call the “Back 40” (the path parallel to Strathearn on the northeast edge of the park) was well-trodden, but deserted.

Looking south below the footbridge, I could see my ravine friend Marie approaching with her two dogs.

Some apples still clung to the branches, almost buried in the snow.

The wetlands were thickly covered in snow, while the taller trees above seemed to have shaken most of it off.

The Bathurst St bridge stood out well above the snowy cat-tails. Once again, it was time to head for the warmth of the Loblaws cafeteria.

John Cummings