Cedarvale as part of the urban forest

The ravine’s edges connect at many points with people’s backyards. The property lines run right down the sides of the ravine. The areas that are privately owned are governed by the city’s Ravine and Natural Feature Protection By-law, which prescribes what the landowners can and cannot do. Information about this can be found on the Parks, Forestry and Recreation web site at:


There is a section called “Ravines & Natural Features Protection By-Laws & Information” where PDF documents on the by-law and an information sheet and permit application can be downloaded.

Both the city and other organizations offer help to owners of properties that include ravines e.g. types of native trees that are suitable for planting. Another organization that is helpful is Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF) at:


At some point, Friends of Cedarvale hopes to contact the owners of properties that are next to the ravine, with a view to exploring areas of common interest such as researching information like that referred to above.

John Cummings, based on information provided by Susan Aaron