Water play feature: Open House

On Thursday 23rd May an Open House was held at Leo Baeck school to view concepts and provide feedback for the proposed Water Play Feature between the tennis courts and the school.image

Councillor Joe Mihevc can be seen at left in the photo above; I am fairly certain that it is Susan Anderson, Senior Project Coordinator, Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PFR), to his right. At table in rear is Susan Aaron, one of our Steering Committee members. On the far right of the photo is David Nosella, Supervisor, Capital Projects, PFR. Beth Gosnell, Special Assistant to Councillor Mihevc, stands to his left.


The concept for the Water Play Feature is shown in the photo above.

There was no meeting to discuss the project, but people were encouraged to fill out the feedback form; and I heard several attendees giving their verbal comments (at length) to the officials present.


David Nosella, Supervisor, Capital Projects, PFR

John Cummings