Correction and today’s news

The astute among you will have already recognized that Sunday is the 21st, not 20th of April.

The lone photo so far (used as on masthead of the blog) shows my wife walking north up the ravine towards the Glencedar bridge, where we will be meeting on Sunday 21st April at 10 am.

Today Monday 1st April it was blowing a nasty, cold north wind through the ravine. There was a surprising number of people, however. Conditions off the asphalt paths were still muddy and my Wellington boots were necessary. I picked up several bags of garbage, which seemed to have blown into the ravine. I also found about a dollar’s worth of beer bottles, some of which had been hidden under the snow. Lots of American robins to be seen, but no red-winged blackbirds in the ravine so far, although I have seen reports of them arriving in the city. Red-tailed hawks not in evidence either, but my daughter tells me she has seen them elsewhere nearby.

John Cummings